From top left:

1. The Weather Channel: “Get the most reliable forecast.” A woman was caught in a sudden downpour because she got an inaccurate weather forecast from a less reliable source; her smartphone or the local news. This ad implies that other sources are not as reliable as The Weather Channel.
2. The Weather Channel print (physical portfolio)
3. Krazy Glue: “I fixed your trophy.” Krazy Glue makes it easy to fix things; so easy, anyone can do it! The only thing it can’t do is make sure you don’t glue the head of your brother’s trophy on backwards.
4. Bounty paper towels: “Some things you never think about until you need them.” Usually paper towels are an afterthought. Until there is a spill — or in this case a flood — you forget about them. This clearly exaggerates the ability of Bounty paper towels, yet serves as a metaphor for the ability and necessity of having them available when a spill strikes!
5. Pepto-Bismol: “Would you like Pepto-Bismol with that?” A fast food employee stares at you from behind the counter, anticipating the indigestion that will occur after eating too much junk food. You are going to need Pepto-Bismol for relief!
6. Pepto-Bismol print (physical portfolio)