I need your help toward costs for an upcoming MANDATORY printed book of my work. This is a portfolio required by all sophomore students at SVA. It must be turned in on Monday, April 21 2014. If my work is considered exemplary, in the top percentile, I will be eligible for a scholarship. I also need this to show potential clients and employers.

It must be 100 pages or more and larger than 11X17 inches. The theme of my book is THE MESSIAH, using a Marc Chagall painting as a point of departure.

I have a quote from a print shop for a 9X12 inch book, 100 pages, perfect bound (glued, not saddle-stitched), at $191.10. That’s with a student discount.

I can do it all by hand at school. Doing it myself, I will have more control and more options. I can do a 17 inch portrait size book using the equipment at school. Doing it by hand means I will inevitably make mistakes. So the first one will probably not come out right. That means I need to buy double the materials.

It actually costs less to have a pro do it.

In terms of paying for this mandatory project, I need your help! Everyone who contributes will be listed on a dedication page in my book.

Please donate today!