Coffee-Fueled Creative

 “My art represents hope. It represents love. It represents kindness and perseverance.”

Help me pay for college!

I made this video for a class project. In this class we had discussions about “the history of process, problem solving, practice, craft, circumstance, time, collaboration, etc. within the context of the careers of artists, architects, fashion designers, graphic designers industrial designers, filmmakers, writers, photographers, philosophers, musicians and dancers, who have changed and contributed to our culture over the last century”. My instructor, Carin Goldberg, required us to focus on a ritual. Also keeping in mind our obstacles and limitations, the guidelines were to show the conditions of problem solving that we face.

This is a snapshot of my journey. I recorded this during the third week of November 2013. It was just before Thanksgivukkah (Hanukkah and Thanksgiving happened at the same time). I use my addiction to Café Bustelo as a point of departure. More than that, I wanted to show in a subtle way how my faith is my source of strength.

This is my obstacle: I lost my job a few years ago and decided to go back to school. I study advertising at School of Visual Arts because I am convinced that it is the best for my needs. However, it is very expensive!

Last semester, I made the Dean’s List. Because I fought for it, I received a $6000 Financial Aid Grant for Fall and Spring 2014. With that, I need $4,061 for tuition this semester, and approximately the same for next semester. I am in my sophomore year, which is the most vital year in terms of establishing the kind of work that one will be doing for the trajectory of his or her career.

Please PRAY. More than anything else, prayer gets things done. Any monetary donations are greatly appreciated!