“That never happens”, said my Financial Aid Advisor at School of Visual Arts, “I’ve never seen that before!”

On Tuesday, August 20, I received an email from the Director of Financial Aid giving me a Financial Aid Grant, effectively paying off my debt from the spring 2013 semester. This is a miracle. Why? Because this school paid my debt from LAST spring! Giving grants to pay debts is not normal policy for a private art school.

Last semester, I made the Dean’s List. Because I fought for it, I received a $6000 Financial Aid Grant for Fall and Spring 2014. With that, I need $4,061 for Fall, or $812.20 per month starting now. As for my living expenses, I am blessed to live in a spare room of amazing and wonderful friends. They let me move in at no cost. Due to financial hardships, I offered to pay $200 monthly rent because I think it’s more than fair. At this time, I need regular income to keep my promise to them.
Please PRAY. More than anything else, prayer gets things done. Any monetary donations are greatly appreciated!

Watch the video @ http://fenndesigngroup.com/nyc-or-bust/